Saturday, March 17, 2012

What to Build this Day? Words of the Heart by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

What to Build this Day?

We are each blessed with gifts for our journey. Sometimes these gifts change and we may not be prepared to accept new ones or say goodbye to old ones.

You are the artisan of your life. As Moses built the tabernacle, he was assured by God that the workers helping him were gifted with their abilities to know what to do. Moses was not a savvy contractor, but God was.  Each person working was filled with the Spirit of God. Upon completion the Tabernacle was filled with the Spirit of God.

Planting a Tree for my Dad
God has given you this day the tools you need to create and accomplish whatever you set your mind to, or if you are listening to Him, where ever He guides you.  If you are not happy at this point in your life, what changes are open to you to consider? Have you prayed about it?

Always honor what has been provided in creating you for who you are. You cannot be something you were not created to be. You have indwelling divine energy that will lead you to fulfillment of dreams, maybe even the accomplishment of something you never dreamed about doing.

Pray with me this day ...Good Morning God, This is your day, I am your child, please show me the way.

Words of my heart, Laurie

"I have put wisdom in the hearts of all who are gifted artisans." Exodus 31:6

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