Sunday, September 2, 2012

100,100,100,100,100 and counting WHEN? Words of my Heart by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

"But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be perfectly and fully developed, lacking in nothing."  James 1:4

Somehow it was forgotten that we are in September. Still fighting this battle in my brain,  I remain amazed at the forecast for the week. This is more days of 100 than we saw in August for sure.  Seems like a bad joke or a bad dream as we wait to wake to a morning temperature in the sixties. 

In His time and in His plan it all remains. The control we seem to think we have over our lives simply does not exist. We have learned with our current lifestyles that we can want and need it now and expect it to be there.  When it does not happen the thought of "Why God? When?" 

Time to remember to trust God instead of focusing on ourselves. Do you feel tired and worn out? Does your body ache and your mind race at night when you finally climb into bed to try and sleep?  Sounds like you are missing out on the 'peace' He offers.  By not trusting God your worried mind wears you out.
If you actually knew what was ahead would it truly be easier? 

How much of your life is spent being impatient, frustrated and maybe even disappointed because you just did not know what to do or what was to happen? Personally I dislike this lesson. I have not totally grasp it as of late the worry has seeped into my existence. Worry of tomorrow and what is ahead and how we should prepare and what we should do.

He wants me and you to leave things alone. Realize with me that we do NOT need to know everything. Terry reminds me that worry is a sin and I am definitely guilty. Part of that 'mother' thing. 

You can prove that you trust God when you can set aside the 'worry' from your life. That brings to mind the need to have patience and allow God to reveal things as you need to know them. Keep is simple, keep your eyes on the Lord and your heart and life in His hands.

Words of my heart, Laurie
A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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