Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Renew Your Spirit, Words of my Heart by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

What would it take to make you smile today?

What renews you to wake this day and go about your life?

What inspires you and motivates you?  Where do you spend time?  

Where ever that is, the place you spend time, is what creates your frame of mind. If you are not happy or not inspired or not finding a smile on your face when you wake up... you seriously need to make some changes in your life.

We get so focused in life on finishing things (I am one of the worst!) and completing a job or task that we miss out on life.  This is a wake up call to you my friend. The more you do and take on, the less time you are spending in your own spirituality. 

You are what you do. (Video games count.)
You are what you read. 
You are what you watch on TV.  

When is there time spent in the Bible? 
When are you not rushing through life? 
When are you alone with Him? 

Sundays is a good starting place. Plan it for this next week. Observe the Sabbath. Be in the word, attend church and be feed spiritually.  Add reading your bible to your mornings or your evenings.  
As you take each of these steps committing time to your spirit, you will have the renewed feeling of joy spreading through out you and your family.  

Put God first and you will find everything falls into place. Your life will take on new meaning... you will be rested and renewed.

Words of my heart, Laurie
A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Plan ahead:

"Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. " Exodus 20:8 

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