Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living behind a Mask, Words of my Heart by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Why must we live behind a mask?  Why is it easy to talk about others or turn a cold shoulder? Why is it impossible to look into a mirror and see ourselves as we really are, as people see us?  

More important, how does God see you?

 Behind our mask we hide the deepest hurts of our souls and earthly lives. Our shame compiled and fertilized over the years till it grows wildly and fills us with fear.  The fear manifests itself in belittling others to make them feel less and trying desperately to make us feel more.

Can we love and believe in others for the good; to accept another human being for exactly who and what they are as God created them; to seek a life of peace and giving or to welcome with open heart and sincere acceptance of another human being? 

What is gained by cheap talk and tearing down others in our lives? What kind of seeds are we sowing around us? Are we really building our lives by destroying others?

God sees all of us; our minds, our thoughts before we know them, our unkind grumbles and judgements of others, our constant negativity, our neediness to aways be right... He sees it all. 

He knows you just as He knows me.  

Can you remove your mask?

Words of my Heart, Laurie
A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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