Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grace of Togetherness, Words of my Heart by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Grace of Togetherness

With young children they need constant watching. They are vulnerable to so many harmful things around them that having a 'visual' on them is a necessity to ensure their safety.

Many moms with young ones are near crazy by the end of the day trying to keep up with the busyness of their children.

God keeps the same watchful eye through the Spirit placed within us. As adults our lives are busy. Yet no matter what we are never alone. His spirit abides with us at all times, the watchful parent keeping a visual over us.

Knowing God is a partner in life with us each day, makes that day livable.  We are often pulled into rifts and problems; dealing with them depends on our trust in Him that we stay current in the moment with our eyes focused only on Him.

Every decision, every choice, every relationship brings a gift or opportunity. With God beside you, you will have a day filled with His strength and light gracing your every step.

Words of my Heart, Laurie

"Grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever." Psalm45:2

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