Sunday, January 8, 2012

Co-creator? Words of my Heart by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace


Thoughts of God's touch creating so much beauty in our world, puts me in awe of His artistry.  As an artist, I feel so much responsibility to use my gift wisely and to allow Him to work through me as I am only a poor imitator of His dimensionally work.

Ladies at my summer workshop.
Painting in my own style, expressing what is important to me using line, color, palette knife and movement, is primary to the success of the work. Success that He was apart of the making.  I can do nothing with out Him.

Encouraging other artists to paint from the inside out is often hard. 'Copying' a photo or image from the internet is hard to pass up at times, and I cannot say I have never done it because in the early years of the internet it seemed easy to use it as reference. Not fully copying it, but copying it where I should not have done it.  You begin to realize it is not your work. It is not His work. It was something co-created by Him and another artist or photographer.  For me to be a co-creator with Him, it is something that is inspired by my work, my photographs, or if I have a photograph for a commission... it is with permission to be a co-creator.  Paintings completed without Him may be technically correct but they are not filled with any light or energy.

Feel prosperous in this new year and joyful that He is there with you as you do what your direction is in life.  Do it with His spirit there fulltime. It is God-power, or God-filled energy.  Abundance is there for the asking, and He will provide what we each need in life.

Words of my Heart,

"For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance." Matthew 13:12

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