Sunday, December 11, 2011

Third Week in Advent Begins, I light the Candle of Joy, Words of my heart, A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Third Week in Advent Begins

Last week we prepared our hearts for grace. The third candle we light as we begin this week represents the spirit of joy. Paul's words, "the Lord is near..."  If you have candles with colors, the Joy candle is usually a rose colored.   The faith of Mary, Joseph and Elizabeth show us how they prepared the way for Jesus' life to begin. Faith and generosity overcoming  adversity and impossibility.  

If your life situations are as upside down as mine are, it is time to let it be. These times in our lives seem to overwhelm our thinking and we obsessive about situations we have very little control over. Hard as it seems, this is the time to prepare our hearts and let go of the sadness and fears that hinder us from feeling the pure joy and hope which Jesus bestows on us. Let go of the world of conflict and division. Let go of the greed and lust we seek daily, as well as the power we want over our own lives. 

When moments are overwrought with anxiety or fear, breathe slowly and deeply to gain a clear perspective. Acknowledge the greatness of the Lord in your life with both soul and spirit. Let the light of these candles remind you daily that the LIGHT shines into the dark places of your life revealing the ugliness. Ask for forgiveness and be quick to forgive others as God forgives you.

Rejoice always; pray with out ceasing. In all things give thanks to Him. We have the good news.

Words of my heart,

“You are to name him Jesus, 
  because he will save his people 
  from their sins.” Mt 1:21

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