Monday, December 5, 2011

An Incredible Promise, Words from my heart by A Texas Artist, Laurie Pace

An Incredible Promise of things to come, are you ready?

The holidays bring to mind a time of preparedness or getting ready. I am always amused by the stores that begin 'preparing' in October for Christmas.  Each year it seems to get earlier when you see all the teasing lights, wrapping and ribbons.  The colors trigger our minds to think of the holidays ahead and what we have to do to be ready.
  1. Either drag the tree down from the attic or plan on where you will purchase your live one, and don't forget the ornaments and trimmings for the tree., or the train under the tree...
  2. Double check your shopping list that you have not left anyone off.
  3. Make decision about Christmas dinner, parties ahead and baking.
  4. Plan out your calendar so events do not cross anywhere and you can keep it all straight in your mind.
  5. Check your list daily for things you have forgotten and cross off the detailed things you have listed.
What exactly are you preparing for?  For you or for Him?  He is no where on this list.  He is not part of the tree trimming or the train. He is not on your shopping list for a gift. He has not sent you an email or snail mail official invitation to a Christmas party. He truly does not care what you serve for food for the holidays. He does not check your list daily for anything.

What He does want:
  1.  He wants you to prepare your heart spiritually and let go of the notion of "things" needed in our worldly life.
  2.  He wants to give you gifts and they don't cost you anything but the simple acknowledgement turning your life to Him and lifting your hands to be ready to receive.
  3. He provides everything you need for nourishment with out parties and dinners.  Maybe using some of that 'prepare' for parties might be better spent helping feed some hungry people this month.
  4. He wants you to keep things straight in your heart every single day, not on a list for your mind from event to event just for the 'holidays'.
  5. He wants you to check in daily with Him all year round so you can receive your gifts and direction for the day.
This is His Incredible Promise to each of us. Are you prepared for Him in your heart?

Words from my heart,

"Strengthen the hands that are feeble, make firm the knees that are weak, Say to those whose hearts are frightened; Be strong, fear not! Here is your God,he comes with Vindication; with divine recompense He comes to save you."  Isaiah 35: 3-4

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