Friday, December 9, 2011

Building to a Crescendo, Words from my Heart by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Building to a  Crescendo

I marvel at God's greatness each daybreak as I wake to Terry starting his coffee or Paddy rustling around to wake us both up. The new brightness of this day and this moment and the many blessings that are surrounding me and God's love lifting me up from a good night's sleep. This morning I woke to the sound of Lady L's feet pattering in the hall and her loud whispers of "Bampa awake?"

The reminder on this Friday in this second week of advent is accept God's direction in this day. In our self-reliant independence we often forget He truly knows what is best for us.  In our stubbornness it is easy to assert our way claiming control and what we define as freedom while we are truly creating a self-destructive life.

As the story of this day plays out, think of it as a musical composition.

Parts of this piece will build 'dal niente'. Those are the startling things out of nowhere. The encountering of friends is fortepiano, loud to soft and always in a crowd, in rillievo; some voice louder than others always standing out. The marcato moments, stressed and pronounced as well as the sotto voce, the undertoned moments in the day, softly whispered.  Through out all of this He is calmando... always calm and steady.

Take today to enjoy the Father's touch in the composition of this day. Be drawn in the invitation  to live your life touched by the grace of God with in you. Look forward in hope and turn to Him in trust knowing He will truly guide your steps as you work together on the composition of this day.

Words of my heart,
Laurie Pace

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