Friday, November 25, 2011

Regardless of Circumstances, Words from my heart by A Texas Artist, Laurie Pace

Regardless of Circumstances...

On this day of BLACK FRIDAY... I cannot help but think of the unbelievable quest of the public here in the USA to go out and shop for anything... and for everything. The need in America for immediate gratification believing it will provide happiness is very sad. In contrast the word 'sad' is not 'allowed' in the life of the average American because they spend their time trying to avoid sad, yet one in ten Americans suffer from some form of depression.

A great-grandmother and the joy of her great grand-daughter.
At what point in life do we realize that the giving of stuff is not going to provide relief to the emptiness we are experiencing. It will not distinguish that burning pit in your stomach of not being satisfied. Working 10 hours a day under the pretext of 'I have to do my job' when you are missing out on family and moments of love, accomplishes nothing but leaves you exhausted and sad to be missing out on those special moments with your children, your family or your spouse.

Discontentment seems to be a growing disease in our lives. Constant stress of schedules and lists of things to get done tangle up our waking hours often robbing us from sleeping and rest.

How do we get back to finding happiness in this moment?
How do we realize happiness is found in what we have right now in our lives?  NO matter what the circumstance you can choose to be content in this moment.  No one leads this in her life by example more than my own mother. 

Words of the heart,

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