Thursday, November 3, 2011

No One Seems to Understand, Words Shared from my Heart by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

No One Seems to Understand....

Some days you literally do not wake up at peace.
Some days you wake up and your mind is humming with things to do and places to go.

No one can possibly understand what you are up against. Your life seems out of control.

Like these grape vines in the photo, our lives all seem to grow out of control climbing and grasping onto whatever we can to keep from falling back down on the ground.

That is why grape vine plants are carefully laid out in a field in rows with poles and wires. The caretaker wisely knows what is needed.  The plant easily grows along the laid out structure sending healthy runners in all directions.

It is not that no one understands what you are dealing with, it is that you do not understand you are truly not in free fall to the ground.  Take a breath.

God is still here with you. He provides exactly what you need to grow. Right now you have chosen to let go falling toward the ground, growing further away from His plan for you.

He knows you intimately and knows even the hidden thoughts of your heart. While you feel you are abandon and alone, you are not. Trust Him with this day. He has your plan in place for you to thrive and grow in His Grace.

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Word of the Heart to share.... by Laurie Pace