Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pre-Packaged from Heaven - Words of the Heart from Texas Artist Laurie Pace

by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

From our birth God has knitted together the genes and the particles of our being that come basically 'pre-packaged' to earth as we arrived.  
He has taken care to choose exactly what we need for our lifetime in our earthly journey.  

Our life experiences shape this soul to be who we are as others see us.    We learn by example as well as by experience and if we are blessed with parents that are believers, they instill in us from birth their beliefs and together they help us build the foundation of who we are.
The precious time spent with a granddaughter as she explores her world and the moments spent with my Dad who has Alzheimers, as he gropes his way through the shadows of his mind each day...provide me with a remembrance of who I am.

I am beloved of God.  Just as these two people are precious to God and to me in my life, I am in the same way, precious to the Father as well.

I am a daughter of our creator.

His love is shown to me through my family, through the beauty of nature, thoughts and deeds of kindness and compassion and through unexpected opportunities. 

Keeping the heart open to feel and experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I know my connection with God abides in me wherever I am.

There is no limit to His love for me.  He will care for me as a father cares for his beloved child. 


"A voice Came from Heaven, "You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased." Mark 1:11

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