Monday, September 26, 2011

Hide and Seek with A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Hide and Seek

In and out, around and through, between and under, over and back around.  Life may move in a circle, but our lives weave in different directions.

The road looms before us as our eyes dart
around seeing what surrounds us, often being tempted to leave the road and explore.

The 'lines' in society keep most of us moving in 'the direction' expected.  Crossing the lines is the sign of a rebel or a wanderer.

Childhood was blessed with days of freedom.  The lines were not important to us then.  We had a stronger sense of adventure and enjoyment of life.

Savoring the light in the day to stay out playing and being with friends was the top priority. There was no concern of staying in the lines driving down the road of life.

Then suddenly before we know it, we are enclosed as adults into the lines and boxes society puts us into.

Insecurities fall in as we adapt to the adult world struggling to stay in the lines and be a contributing member to society.  Our hearts long for the freedom we once had but our brain tells us we must conform.

Is there a happy medium?

Terry always said he wanted the kids to just be happy and be productive members of society able to earn their living and care for themselves.  We are almost there.  Personalities and life experiences have handed us some unexpected things that leaped beyond the 'lines' and we still struggle with the fall out from decisions they made.

God wants us to live our lives more like the child we once were. To trust in Him and place our growing concerns and fears at His feet.  Is it possible every time worry begins to conquer your mind that you can stop it?

When you were a child you did not wake and begin to worry.  You woke hungry and your needs were met with out you having to think about it.

Your day seem to just unfold before you and you played and ran from one attraction to another taking delight in the simplicity of color or movement.

When did we lose the trust in our lives to live without worry?

When did we lose the ability to delight in the simple? Who are you hiding from and what do you seek?


'Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

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