Saturday, October 15, 2011

SOFT SERVE PATIENCE, Words from the Heart from A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Soft Serve of Patience

We are leaving behind the days of summer.
Gone are the 115 degree days and in are coming some nights falling closer to freezing.
I find myself wearing a sweater at 80 degrees outside.

 Soon we will be eating chili and soup and not thinking of cold ice cream and soft yogurt.

The reviews of Braums soft serve Yogurt are off the charts.  Something reminiscent of my childhood years in St. Louis and soft serve ice cream.

 Read the Review from Dallas.

So when Terry and I are living OUT where it is an hour to drive to Braums and an hour back, we think twice before making the trip.

Terry has found a fix for the need...

We drive the 8 miles into town to the local Brookshire's grocery and buy Blue Bell Ice Cream.  It is made here in Texas and very high butter fat making it very very creamy.

He has learned to put it in the basket first...then shop. Then stop for gas on the way home.  By the time we bring in the groceries and put them away... the Blue Bell is ready.

You carefully peel off the lid... and behold....

The top inch is soft and creamy and as you can tell by the time I ran for my camera, he had already scraped all the soft ice cream off the top of it.

He has a way to do it and you have to do it right or he will not share with you....

You must start on the outside at the edges and pull your spoon around in a circle... slowly filling the surface with the creamy soft ice cream.

Patience.  Patience is one of those wonderful lessons from God that usually provides benefits if you are able to practice it in your life.

Easy patience lessons are timing the melt down of your ice cream before you eat it.  God usually has harder lessons out there for us to strengthen our fortitude on... but I sort of like the Blue Bell way.

I never eat the ice cream after the first time we take the lid off and share the creamy top.  I tried microwaving it in a bowl...but I never can get the same wonderful consistency as my husband's method.  He definitely has it down to the minute to catch it just right.

Learn to trust and rely on God. Be patient. Do not rush things in life.  You will soon learn to stop and enjoy the moment you have...until the lid comes off the ice cream. 

Words from my Heart,

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Grammie Jan said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss Braum's but it is just as well that is very far from me for the sake of my weight. In lieu of Braum's we always buy Bell Bell since it has become available here in AZ. I began buying the packages of 4oz cups and in that way I actually only eat once of those and not every day.

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