Monday, October 3, 2011

Artists of Love a Sharing Thought from A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Artist of Love

Sometimes in our walk we meet those special people.

You know immediately who they are when you are introduced.

My Mother was the first one I meet.

Then for sure my daughter's close friend Shannon.

Then I had a workshop this past year and I meet Ann.

At the workshop, every person that attended was special.  I felt blessed by every single artist.

When I say special people, I mean they don't just 'live' each day, they 'love' each day.  They give this love freely to every person they meet in their lifetime.  They rarely waste time on negativity and always look for the positive.

If a tense situation comes up, they begin to immediately breathe in the grace of God and their response is love. The outcome for them is to give their love to the others around them. Naturally their heart rate remains low and they maintain an inner calm.   The kindness they extend to others keeps them in harmony with the world.   

They are the 'artists of their life' and they choose to color their world with love in harmony with God.

These special people are blessings to our lives and bring a richness of a complete masterpiece of light and color to each of us.


"Whoever loves a brother or sister lives in the light, and in such a person there is not cause for stumbling."  1 John 2:10

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Brett Rodgers said...

Wow these are beautiful painting of arabian horses. We have a few arabians on our ranch and we love them to death. Keep up the good work!

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