Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remember When? I still love you. Words of the Heart by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Remember When?

Remember when we first met? 
What drew us together as friends?

Every friendship goes through a 'disappointment' phase. In fact every relationship does too. It is a season needed to deepen the commitment for an enduring friendship.

Texas meets Denver, Laurie and Kimberly in New York
Meet 'Texas' and 'Denver'.  Kimberly and I meet face to face for the first time a year ago (2010) in New York. Our friendship is 'new' as friendships go as we have only known each other since about 2008 and we definitely have had our ups and downs.

With the internet age relationships are changed from the 'old' days when everything was face to face.  I still struggle with emails as Kimberly reminds me daily they are difficult to gauge emotions in.

Vicki Fletcher, Laurie and Debbie Lincoln Sept 2010
During down times in relationships you may find people hard to love. In this 'disappointment' phase we suddenly discover unmet expectations, dole out judgmental words, meet up with jealousy and often end with unforgiveness.  It is always easier to see negativity in another person and not in ourselves.  We try to keep things in relationships going our way and convince ourselves we are doing nothing wrong it is the other person.

Laurie and Niki in New York 2006
God has to be present for loving relationships to succeed. If He is centered in you, your relationship will weather this season and grow stronger. God gave us our friendships to have our support group in life. Protect those that are there for you. Friendships are basically life giving... share the love and ask to be forgiven. 

Forgiven for neglecting and spending quality time.
Forgiven for words unsaid.

Do you remember moments shared, deep long talks about faith, the economy and recipes?
OR the stories of growing up and things we all endured?

Do you remember when?
I still love you.  Can you forgive me for letting life get in the way?

Words of the heart,


Debbie said...

Often when I have not actually spoken to you in a number of days, I still know you are there, working hard, plugging away ... and I want you to know that you are daily in my prayers and my heart - especially on days when we have not spoken. How lucky we were to "find" one another again after so many years apart...

Laurie Justus Pace said...

God is the reason and He has given us this season to be together again after all those years. I told TP that if I ever had to chose (and no I am not coming) to live with ANY of my friends... it would have to be you. We are both morning people and we are not only committed to the Lord, but committed to life and serving others.

I do love you...God is good.

Word of the Heart to share.... by Laurie Pace